Bathroom Tiles Made From Granite or Marble Add A Luxurious Look and Value to Your Home

Beautiful Bathroom Basics
Bathroom TilesWhen it comes to time to re-do a bathroom, homeowners are bombarded with standard options such as ceramics and linoleum. While updating a bathroom will add immediate value to a home, materials ceramic and linoleum do not hold up well over the years, and colors and designs to not remain current long. This means that a bathroom that is redone using these materials will only need to be redone again and again.
There is an option to ensure that your bathroom upgrade never goes out of style. Marble and granite surfaces are the perfect material selection for bathroom upgrades for a variety of reasons. Not only are these materials durable and sanitary, they are also aesthetically pleasing with unique patterns, making them the best choice. By selecting the finest material available for your bathroom tiles and vanity, you can be confident that your investment will pay off if you ever decide to sell your home.
Durable and Functional
Marble consists primarily of calcite and dolomite and is crystallized. While calcite is white, marble gets its beautiful color and design from mineral impurities that add color in a variety of spontaneous and unique patterns. Granite, on the other hand, is crystallized far beneath the earth's surface and is composed of feldspar and quartz. Each piece of granite is unique and gives off a special design and color that cannot be replicated.
The hard stone of granite renders it the most durable surface available for your bathroom tiles, countertops and vanities. It is resistant to scratches and can withstand high temperatures. This means that hair dryers and curling irons will not damage counters if they accidentally come in contact with a countertop.
Another advantage to using granite in a bathroom renovation is that it is not a porous material. This means that unlike other materials, such as ceramic and linoleum, granite will resist damaging mould that can cause health implications and serious construction damage.
Luxurious and Pleasing
While most people can be convinced to select marble or granite bathroom tiles based on the quality of the material alone, products made from these substances give off a highly aesthetically pleasing and elegant look. Granite consists of many layers, meaning that at certain times of the day and in different light, its individual specks will reflect different colors. The patterns found within marble and granite are mesmerizing and it is wonderful to think that your bathroom vanity is completely unlike that of any other. Walking into a bathroom that has been redone with marble, granite or other natural stone makes everyone feel luxurious and surrounded by elegance.